I attended a one-day Mindfulness course delivered by Dr Mark Chambers and Jennie Thornton. Although I am trained in NLP and hypnotherapy this was my first experience of Mindfulness. I found the day very enjoyable and a fabulous mental massage.

Jennie and Mark with their backgrounds in Education and General Practice complement each other very well. The day was well paced. We were taught a number of different techniques with plenty of time to practice and the setting of Clare Priory added to the tranquility of the day.

I have continued to use several of these techniques on a daily basis and have found that living Mindfully certainly makes even mundane chores more enjoyable. I would thoroughly recommend this course to everyone, we all need a bit of “me time”.

Jennie's session was a moment of calm in the stormy challenge of NHS primary care! She provided an insight into the life-skill of mindfulness for our team of nurses and health care assistants. Through her guided experience they have gone from skeptics to practitioners who will plant the seeds of mindfulness ideas in patient's minds

Oxford regional director of the british society of lifestyle medicine

From a delegate on the UK College of Mindfulness Meditation, Accredited Teacher Training Course.

I am being Mindful and with such excitement after listening to one of the guest speakers. She is an amazing, inspirational, refreshing, fun and energetic speaker. She is right up our street, so to speak.

Her name is Jennie Thornton. She has spent 30 years in teaching and education as well as Mindfulness and Complementary Therapies. One of her expertise is working with children.

I felt her presentation today was appropriate and relevant to under 5s and she had us up on our feet doing activities which covered a range of child friendly breathing exercises using bubbles, windmills, smelling flowers and ideas like lying on the floor with toys on tummies to experience awareness and control of breath.

We also did finger exercises relating to breath (fine motor). These were very calming and simplistic. The session included spiderman activities, crocodiles, dolphins and butterflies and she introduced us to the ‘worry gobbler’. Jennie then went on to share alternative child friendly objects/toys to use to explain child emotion, understanding stress and breathing – these exercises including yoga teddies, string, glitter jars, expanding balls and slime!


If you’ve been wondering what mindfulness is, and how to practice it, this is the course for you. Jennie and Mark bring together a wealth of knowledge and practical skills, taught in an easy-to-understand way, to make a full and enjoyable day. I’ve incorporated the techniques into my daily routine and feel better for it. And I’m sharing tips with my clients, too. It’s a no brainer - book it!

I really enjoyed the recent mindfulness day in the beautiful setting of Clare Priory, and I wanted to share a little about my experience.

As a hypnotherapist I was really interested in mindfulness as a concept. I already had a broad-strokes idea of what mindfulness was, but I wanted to understand it better, to gain experience of it for myself, and to see if there were aspects of the practice that could be useful for my clients. You delivered all this and more! Spending the day with Jennie and Mark was not only a really enjoyable and interesting way to spend the day, but it gave me so much more understanding of the idea. It was really useful to be able to learn about a specific mindfulness idea, try it out, and then to have you both on hand to answer questions and clarify anything that had become apparent from the practice.

I have now not only begun to use these ideas in sessions with clients, but I am applying them in my day-to-day life. I am still far from an expert, but I am mindful and non-judgemental of this and am enjoying the practice immensely.

benjamin ryan
sudbury hypnosis