We provide a short presentation, of up to one hour, explaining what Mindfulness is, and providing some experiences of practicing Mindfulness. This serves as an introduction to Mindfulness for people who might be curious to see if it is for them.

The next level is a one-day Mindfulness Training.  We offer an explanation of the practice of Mindfulness and give an account of its historic roots and how it has developed. This day is primarily an immersive experience, offering several hours of experiential learning at a gentle pace.

We also offer a more extensive course, providing four 3 hour sessions at weekly intervals. The principles and practices introduced in the earlier courses are explored and further developed and delegates are supported as they evolve their own unique ways of introducing the regular practice of Mindfulness into their lives.

The three courses naturally flow from one to the next, but each course is complete in itself.  Students can start at which-ever course they feel is most appropriate to their needs. The courses offer something for everyone, from beginners to experienced Mindfulness Practitioners.

Mark and Jennie also provide one-to-one consultations, sessions and lessons, and group sessions.