We know and understand how stressful being both a learner and a teacher can be. Huge demands and expectations are levelled at both, often with very negative results.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to create an environment that is calm and conducive to learning, with staff and children alike able to focus, concentrate, learn and achieve to their maximum potential? A place where relationships are good and positive education: academic, physical and emotional, are the norm? By incorporating a Mindfulness based programme, that includes some simple, child-friendly, effective and fast acting stress relief techniques, our bespoke courses can help to work towards achieving just that.

We have designed and developed two types of sessions:

We offer individual, group, or class sessions for children. These incorporate a mixture of mindful-play and experimentation, to develop their awareness and focus of the world and others around them and short meditations and physical exercises aimed at strengthening their resilience, self-awareness, well-being and learning.

For all teaching and educational staff we have developed a more extensive course, providing four 3 hour sessions at regular intervals. One session will specifically focus on how to teach these skills and techniques to the children. The advantage of training staff is that they benefit themselves and they have the ability to pass this learning on directly to the children they teach.